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Why Skills Assesments?

All League Age players, 9-12 years old, must participate in one of our Skills Assessments (historically called Tryouts), including coaches kids and players returning to the same team.  Dates are Tuesday, March 3rd from 6-9:00 pm and again on Thursday March 5th from 6-9:00pm. 

The indoor location is the HUB - 19619 E. Cataldo, Liberty Lake, WA 99016

What is the skills assessment?  A way to evaluate and rate players skills, so that coaches during the draft will have the same access to talent; making the teams as balanced as possible.  This is what we use to call Tryouts.

Sign Up For Your Time Slot!  In an attempt not to waste players and parents time, we are going to slot players in one hour blocks.  We ask where possible, please sign up in the correct time slot.  If that is not possible, we understand, but your player may be at a disadvantage; as the assessments will be set up for that age group. 

A limit of 25 players per hour will be set, so sign up early!     Click HERE to sign up for your time slot.

Calculate League Age Here!

League Age 9   - 
 6:00 - 6:45 PM
League Age 10 - 6:45 - 7:30 PM

League Age 11 - 7:30 - 8:15 PM
League Age 12 - 8:15 - 9:00 PM

What should I expect?  You will attend only one of the dates.  The actual assessment only takes a few minutes, but there will be a line of players waiting, as we assess only one player at a time.  Your player will run 60' for time (simulated steal).  They will catch and return a few grounders and fly balls.  They will pitch about 5 balls, from 46'.  They will bat from a pitching machine.  And if your player desires, they can try out for catcher (although not scored). 

Note:  Pitching machines are completely different timing than a person throwing; your player will be graded for eye contact and swing mechanics, not if they have experience with a machine.

What do I need to bring?  Bring a glove, a bat and a helmet if you have one.  Regular athletic shoes are required (no cleats).  Catchers gear is optional.  And a good attitude always helps :)

What if I can't make either date?  Contact us and the board will look at each situation independently, and if it is possible, a returning player may be scored by past coaches.  Although this would be a disadvantage to the player (because other coaches won't see their ability), it is something we would consider.  Refunds will be offered to those who cant attend and we can't score.

Does your player want to return to the same team?  Although some of the players may return to past team where eligible, in many cases the coaches may not (some coaches are moving into new divisions).  If you don't know, reach out to your past coach and find out how this impacts your player.  At the skills assessment, you need to declare if your players wants to return to the same team or wants to be redrafted. 

Why a skills assessment?  There are two factors where raw talent impacts team balance: (1) Experienced players (where eligible), can return to the same team and (2) Managers and coaches kids are automatically on the team they coach (with the boards approval).  However, if we rate all players, even returning players and coaches kids, and then remove that teams draft pick for the level of players they already have, it should give all coaches a chance to recruit similar levels of talent.

Is the process fair?  Although there is far more than player ability that makes a team successful, each coach needs similar levels of talent to start the season with.  Ratings are completed by up to 10 coaches and 7 board members, with the highs and lows thrown out.  Although no system is perfect, it should contribute to competitive and fun games. 

For players Age 8, who have experience and want to try out for AAA, you are welcome to sign up in either of the 9 year old assessment slots.  Choose 9 years old on the form, but notify us at the Skills Assessment that your player is 8 and wants to try to play up.

Note: These ratings are confidential and are only used for the draft. 

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