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Why Skills Assessments?


It is a requirement of eligibility for all players for AAA or Majors teams to attend one of the skills assessment sessions so that team managers can properly assess the ability of each player. This includes all players league age 9-12, as well as 8-year-olds that want to be considered for AAA.  The goal of the assessments is to gauge players’ relative abilities based on a series of drills.  The information gathered from the assessments is used by managers during the draft to provide a proper disbursement of talent to ensure as fair a playing field as possible, so that each player can have as much fun as possible.  

It is mandatory for each player to attend one of the skill assessments.  If for some reason your player is unable to attend a skills assessment session, please contact the Player Agent ([email protected]) as soon as possible. If the excuse is acceptable to the board of directors, the player may be drafted/placed on a team.

Assessment 1: Thursday, February 22nd 6:30pm – 8:30pm @ Selkirk Middle School
Assessment 2: Tuesday, February 27th 6:30pm – 8:30pm @ Selkirk Middle School
Assessment 3: Saturday, March 2nd 9:00am – 1:00pm @ Selkirk Middle School

We are introducing an online sign-up process through SignUpGenius to make the assessment process as smooth as possible and hopefully minimize the time commitment for players and parents at the assessment. Each assessment has been divided into 30-minute blocks, and each block has a limited number of registrations available.  Please register for your desired assessment time at the following link:

Notes on blocks and sign-ups::

  • Sign-ups will close the day before the assessment is scheduled.  Please sign-up ASAP!

  • Each block is limited to 12 players

  • We’ve assigned preferred age groups for each block to try and keep similar ages together.  If possible, select a block for your player’s age but it’s not required

  • If you have two players that need to be participate in the assessment process, please add both players’ names to the comments on the sign-up and set the quantity to 2

Each player should come equipped to play baseball and bring their glove, helmet, bat, gym-appropriate shoes (NO CLEATS), t-shirt or sweatshirt, and baseball pants or sweatpants.  Bats and helmets will be available; however, players are encouraged to bring their own if possible.  Jewelry should not be worn.  Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time to get checked in.


Players, one at a time, will be evaluated at three (3) different skills stations and one (1) timed run:

  • Hitting – Each player is given five (5) swings against a pitching machine. They are evaluated based on how well they swing the bat and their technique (swing mechanics), how well they hit the ball (contact), and how hard / how far they hit the ball (power). They are assigned one overall rating for batting.  

  • Pitching – Each player is given three (3) pitches from a pitcher’s rubber to a catcher at 46 feet. They are evaluated on how hard they throw (velocity), how accurately they hit the strike zone (control), and on their form and technique (pitching mechanics).  The players are assigned one overall rating for pitching.

  • Fielding – Each player will be thrown two (2) ground balls and two (2) pop flies. While the player's success in catching the ball is factored in, the evaluators are mainly looking at the player's form, technique, and footwork (fielding mechanics) to come up with an overall fielding rating. They are also assigned a throwing rating, which includes their throwing accuracy, throwing mechanics, and release (how quickly they get in position to throw and get rid of the ball after fielding it). The throwing rating and pitching rating are distinct, allowing differentiation between a player who doesn't throw well and one who does throw well but has either not learned how to pitch or lacks pitching experience.

  • Running – players will be timed in a 60-foot sprint to simulate a steal, and assigned a rating based on the time .

Each skill will be graded on a 1–10-point scale.  The ratings will be combined to determine an overall score and rank for each player, which are then used by the managers during the draft.   Under no circumstances will the ratings or rankings of any individual player be shared, so please don’t ask.

What if I can't make either date? 
Contact us immediately and the board will look at each situation independently, and if it is possible, a returning player may be scored by past coaches.  Although this would be a disadvantage to the player (because other coaches won't see their ability), it is something we would consider.  Refunds will be offered to those who cant attend and we can't score.

Is the process fair?  
Although there is far more than player ability that makes a team successful, each coach needs similar levels of talent to start the season with.  Ratings are completed by up to 10 coaches and 7 board members, with the highs and lows thrown out.  Although no system is perfect, it should contribute to competitive and fun games. 

For players Age 8, who have experience and want to try out for AAA, you are welcome to attend assessments.  Please let us know when you arrive that you are league age 8 wanting to play up.

Note: These ratings are confidential and are only used for the draft. 

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